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    Pepsi Spire 2.0 is a digital fountain machine that brings beverages to life in a way that’s never been experienced before.
PepsiCo wanted to innovate traditional soda fountain machines by adding a digital touch screen with a fun, intuitive UI that gives consumers the opportunity to personalize their own beverage.

Pepsi Spire 2.0, the revolutionary touchscreen fountain, puts users in control. They can quickly browse brands, customize their drink with up to 500 beverage combinations and pour—thanks to a simple, fun selection process and seamless navigation. Pepsi Spire 2.0 bridges the digital to physical worlds and transforms how we interact with our beverages.

CLIENT: PepsiCo Foodservice          
AGENCY: PepsiCo Design & Innovation, Firstborn        
DATE: May, 2014
Vertical Flow

The UI needed to be clear and intuitive for all audiences, so we designed a familiar vertical, top-down flow. Users instinctively select their drink, then customize it and pour.
Endless Choices Made Easy

We created drops that mimicked real carbonation bubbles to entice selection, organically guiding users to the next step.
High End Design

Custom illustrations and playful animations represent each brand’s personality and attitude.
Appetite Teasers

We captured high-speed footage of the beverages and created appetizing animations to captivate and attract users at every step of the process.
Accessible For All

The machine seamlessly transitions to ADA mode, extending the experience to all users.
A Smart System

The fountain is connected to a smart network, allowing locations to customize offerings to their specific market. The more it’s used, the smarter it gets.
The Machines

Joon Park, Chad Tafolla

Chad Tafolla, Diego Miguel, Alvin Groen
Chad Tafolla, Diego Miguel, Alvin Groen
Michael Kuzmich, Ian Sigmon, Fabian Tejada
Fabian Tejada

Fabian Tejada

+ many, many more