"Romeo+Juliet" costumes
The original picture and reference for this project :
" Romeo+Juliet " - Baz Luhrmann, 1996.
Shooting pictures made during an actual masked ball in Düsseldorf, during Dokomi convention 2015 :
Romeo : - Costume, make-up, model : Florence Heyer FX
Juliet    : - Make-up, dress, model : Magdalena Daus
             - Wings, wig : Florence Heyer FX
Model, make-up & costume : Florence Heyer FX
Photography : Takato Saionji during Connichi 2013
A spontaneous shooting during the convention Connichi 2013
Model, make-up & costume : Florence Heyer FX
photography : Takashi Saionji
Making-Of :
Make paper patterns transfered to the thermoplast material "Worbla's Finest Art".
Make paper patterns, then webing to work with the thermoplast "Worbla's Finest Art"
Mask and upper arm part of the armour are made with double layered "Worbla's Finest Art".
Sculpting the shoulder parts, also with Worbla's Finest Art.
Smoothing out the rough surface with -many- layers of wood glue.
Silver Spray lacquer layers like in the movies. I thought this looked too cheap, so I continued to work on the look.
More depths and realism with acrylic and dry brush technique.

Unfortunatly, I don't have an embrodery machine, so I imitated this with zick-zack stitches.

Sculpting, molding and casting the details on Romeo's sword. Yes, the positive form is wood glue... I tried. And it worked perfectly.

Finished detail and the chain sculpted with remains of Worbla's Finest Art around a chain and dry brushed, too.

Sculpting, molding and making a positive with Worbla's Finest Art + Wood Glue + Spray paint + Acrylic dry brush.

Searching for the right metal and teint. Choosing the darker colour and sanding it on the surface for more contrast and depth.

                          Romeo's finished armour, mask, sword, belt and chain.
Making the props : 
Above :
            - Mercutio's invitation card. Created entirely from sketch through Photoshop and scanned handwriting.
               The Capulet emblem I used is the one from the comic series "Romeo x Juliet". As I couldn't find anything ressembling,
                I took something fitting the content at least. I couldn't find out what was the exact words, so I invented an invitation text.
Bottom :
            - Eddible 'drugs' on mint drops for videos & prettier ones with acrylic for shootings.
Juliet's costume :

Making the wings : Ironing the feathers to be stright and cutting them for a cleaner shape.
There are fixed on "Kobra Cast". It is white and very sticky ; just perfect for this project.

Work in progress of the wings. The sides have to symmetrical, but I hand't enough feathers for the left side, but wayt o many in all.
      So I ironed them stright and cut them to imitate some right sided feathers.
The pan contains water ready to use anyt time to prevent the KobraCast to stick where it shouldn't.

Last fitting and adjusting of the finished wings on Magdalena. The middle part will be hidden under the hair.
The wings simply are fixed with very strong stripes around the shoulders not visible underneath the white dress.
                                   Work in progress of the wig.
                                   The right detail photo shows the braided hair.
                                   LEFT: untouched.  RIGHT: Glued properly for a cleaner finish. She is a lady and has a maid, so her hair is neatly braided.
"Romeo+Juliet" costumes

"Romeo+Juliet" costumes

(c) Romeo+Juliet / Baw Luhrmann