Alienware Headphones and Mouse 2023

3D Motion
After Effects

Dell Alienware
“What creative approach can we take to showcase the shape and form of the mouse and headphones through the alien-themed restoration process?”​​​​​​​

As a creative studio, we understand the importance of developing our creative abilities with every project we take on. While this was a self-initiated project, we wanted to take this opportunity to push ourselves to do something we've never tried before. 

We crafted a narrative surrounding the design language of Alienware, specifically, the alien theme. Set in an alternate realm, we wanted to push the boundaries of surrealism as much as possible, challenging the laws of nature such as gravity. 

Partly inspired by Oblivion, we aimed to create minimal landscapes that felt futuristic yet out of the world. Our initial concept of the cave environments we built were sparked by idea of the grooves and ridges of our ears. Building a surreal environment that has never been seen before proved to be a challenge, with many questionable initial explorations. 

Disclaimer: This project was done as part of an internal exploration, with no intent for commercial use.

The Story

Journeying to an otherworldly realm, an unprocessed minimalist alien artifact is excavated from the ground. This creation lies traces of extraterrestrial essence, igniting an immediate and dynamic reaction throughout the alien themed restoring process. 

Alienware Headphones

Alienware Mouse

Process + R&D

Headphones Process Reel

Mouse Process Reel



Production: Nomo.Works
Concept: Nomo.Works
Creative Direction: Rodney Loh
3D Design & Animation: Ayumi Tan, Chen Xuan, Deborah Wong, Gary Agusto
VFX: Beacher Chen, Andy Shi
Audio Mix: Beacher Chen
Process Reel: Beacher Chen, Andy Shi, Chen Xuan

Alienware Headphones and Mouse 2023

Alienware Headphones and Mouse 2023

In this internal project, we crafted a story to showcase the form of the product. Disclaimer: This was done as part of an internal exploration, w Read More