Final Major Project
Fortuna is a fictional company that sells luck. You can purchase different varieties of luck depending on what you need it for most. The product of luck is premium and limited edition. I wanted to create a product that was unique in style and design, giving a modern updated outlook on the subject. This is especially reflected in the hand lettering used throughout the brand. The ironic aspect of this project is there is nothing actually inside the packaging, reindorsing the fact that 'you make your own luck'.
There are a selection of 5 different types of 'luck' to choose from, each design relating to a lucky charm/emblem that reinforces the type of luck it brings.
There is also a guide that comes with the packaging teaching you how to maintain everlasting good luck.
All the illustrations used throughout the design are my own.
Wealth luck edition - the rabbit is an animal that represents wealth and brings good fortune.
Love luck edition - cherry blossom is the lovers plant. It is said that the blossom is lucky when on the search for love.
Success luck edition - acorns represent growth and a new beginning, leading itself into being a lucky token for success.
Happiness luck edition - when broken the wishbone can grant happiness to whoever 'wins' the bigger part of the bone.
Health luck edition - when hung in an upright position in the home, a horseshoe can provide protection and good health to whoever inhabits the house.
How to maintain your luck guides.
Introduction page.
Lucky numbers.
Lucky animals.
Lucky colours.
Misc lucky facts.
Promotional poster.
Final exhibition.