Rosenrot – Florist Branding

Emotional branding for the landau based florist Rosenrot

The task
The briefing was quite simple. Fina, the founder of Rosenrot, reached out to us with the need of a new visual identity. She was moving into a new space, thus needed a strong brand that represents her personality and attracts more clients.

The solution
We started with a brand strategy session to find out about her, her business and the market. Our goal with the visual identity was to be different. We didn’t want the new brand to look cliché and like other florist brands around. The core concept of the creative direction was all around showing the natural, friendly and dynamic character of fina and abstracting it in a minimalist visual language that stands out.

by Butz & Bürker on Colorplan Natural and Pergraphica Rough Natural

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Visual identity, Graphic Design, Typedesign, Website, Photography

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Rosenrot – Florist Branding

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Rosenrot – Florist Branding

Emotional branding and visual identity for the landau based florist and flower shop Rosenrot, including logodesign, custom typeface design, graph Read More