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    INVASIONISM identity + site & curating for SVSV
As we travel and explore the world and life, often as we (Designers and Artists) attempt to affect, we are affected. As we attempt to change, we are changed, as we attempt to invade, we are invaded.
INVASIONISM is a theory of the dual effect the act of creation has on both the audience and the creator. The act of artistic creation acutely impacts an audience, both intended and secondary, often challenging conventions and rewriting social mores and memes (or sometimes validating them).
Simply put, as artistic creation impacts the world, the world’s reaction to it, equally impacts the artists/designer. Ultimately, Invasionism is an exchange of energy that knowingly and unknowingly “INVADES” both creator and audience alike.
This effect happens most often in real world experiences, more so than the digital realm. As an example, a Designer looking to find inspiration from a foreign culture is often more affected by the observed culture than the culture is by the designer. Rarely does the designer or artists have the control they believe they command.
          “As I attempt to change or influence the world through my designs and ideas, ultimately the world truly changes me.” – David Gensler
— Invasionism identity for SerumVenom Relaunch
Ephemeral for print & online reference
http://invasionism-blog-blog.tumblr.com — site curating & design

Press Quote —
     "Aesthetic Inspiration Archive of Invasionism presented by David Gensler for the 2011 Relaunch of SVSV."