According to the program that was provided by the teachers the project should be the construction of a minimal space (kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom), all-wood set in the ground, which in this case I opted for a mostly flat terrain like a beach with small dunes, this building will be built on piles, the materials used are: three modules in wood (beams, joists and planks), glass and an insulating material which in this case is the agglomerate cork (5 cm).
 The project began with a first phase in which 20 models were built without scale and designed intuitively and randomly from these four were selected for analysis of housing, empty and full and also the interiors division.
 After these four models are carefully examined one of these models was selected because it is the most interesting in terms of habitability.
 Following further consideration I decided to create a model in scale 1 / 20 to thus better understand the aspects to be improved, this analysis concludes with the right foot would have to be increased in order to support a 'mezzanine' to the room. With a total area of around 35 square meters and to fulfill the program would be between 44 to 50 square meters I decided to create this 'mezzanine' with 10 square meters. To make the 'mezzanine' area was necessary to slightly alter the structure but only at the level of coverage.
Inside the insulating material will also finish between beams to the main structure can be contemplated. I tried not changing much of the initial model to ensure a purity and honesty to the whole creative process, but this proved impossible to accomplish in this project.