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HGA Collagen Packaging 莘荷生醫 彈力蛋白包裝


HGA Collagen Packaging 莘荷生醫 彈力蛋白包裝
我們的目標是為HGA品牌的膠原蛋白產品創造一個吸引人的、高品質的包裝設計,將品牌的價值和承諾傳遞給消費者。 我們將使用高品質的美術紙,以展現紙張的獨特質感和紋理,強調品牌的尊貴和專業形象。 採用抽屜式盒型結構,為消費者提供獨特的開箱體驗,內襯設計將呈現一個掀開的元素,突顯產品的內容,增加產品不會晃動的實用性,同時提供消費者開箱的體驗。 文字和編排的設計將彰顯HGA品牌的專業和品質,同時清晰說明產品特點和優勢,幫助消費者做出明智選擇,體現品牌的質感和價值。

Our goal is to create an attractive and high-quality packaging design for HGA brand collagen products, conveying the brand's values and commitment to consumers.
We will utilize high-quality art paper to showcase the unique texture and grain of the paper, emphasizing the brand's prestige and professional image.
We will adopt a drawer-style box structure to provide consumers with a distinctive unboxing experience. The interior design will incorporate an element that opens up, highlighting the product's contents while enhancing its stability. This design not only adds practicality but also offers consumers an engaging unboxing experience.
The text and layout design will underscore the professionalism and quality of the HGA brand while providing clear explanations of the product's features and advantages. This will aid consumers in making informed decisions and emphasize the brand's sophistication and value.

專案類型 Type | 包裝 Packaging
專案年份 Year | 2023
客戶 Client | 莘荷生醫
製作單位 Production | K9 Design
商業攝影 Photographer | White Hand studio

HGA Collagen Packaging 莘荷生醫 彈力蛋白包裝

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HGA Collagen Packaging 莘荷生醫 彈力蛋白包裝