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    Exam at Westerdals in 2013. The task was to create a visual identity for "Sukkerbiten". A club concept only open during the summer in Oslo.
“Once upon a time there was a small group of pirates who shared a vision in a dream. They saw a green spot, right by the waterfront in the center of Oslo. So making a short story even shorter they got together and sat sail trough the asphalt jungle of Oslo. In their cargohold they brought the best each of them had to offer, all of it collected into a white cube.
They called it «Sukkerbiten» (The Sugar Cube).”
This is the concept I've been working with for the visual identity of Sukkerbiten, the exam for my 2nd year at Westerdals.
Inspiration and evolution of the logo.
The ad is a tearout...
...on the back there's a map telling you how to get to the slightly hidden "island" of Sukkerbiten.