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    This project is a personal project. I was published in French magazines and won photography festival
During the years preceding the end of Apartheid, some Afrikaner's politicians and activists were interested in creating a white province, a fallback in a system they knew doomed to disappear.

This idea of a white province was rejected by the ruling and opposition partiesnegotiatorswhile finding an end to Apartheid. However, a small part of the Afrikaner ideologists had already bought an almost deserted and derelected settlement from the Department of Water, so they could create a private town for the white descendants of the "Great Trek pioneers".

An enclave with the intention of allowing the Afrikaner's community to live separately and in an independent way towards the other populations sharing the same territory.

Today, this town called Orania has 700 inhabitants and would extend over some 8000 hectares of mainly agricultural land. Numerous inhabitants came for ideological reasons, some for work or safety.

Some Afrikaners are convinced of it, in this countryside has begun to resurrect South Africa, their South Africa.

The church of Maranata is one of four churches of Orania, it is also known as the "singing church"
Carel Willem Hendrik Boshoff
Lives in Orania since 1992.
After being a senior politician and activist for the Afrikaner's cause, Carel WH Bosho now focuses on writing and reading. 
He is the son in law of Hendrik Verwoerd, the apartheid's architect. He's also one of the town founders.
Joelene Jacobs
Lives in Orania since 2010.
Joelene Jacobs has arrived in recent weeks with her husband, her brother and her dogs, her mother is just passing through
Sebastian Biehl
Lives in Orania since 2005 
Sebastian Biehl is German, after studies in Johannesburg he joined Orania where he's the real estate agent of the city.
He realized his dream by buying an African farm in the isolated heart of the veld
The juskei is a traditional game invented by the Boers. The bowling game was originaly played with a specific part of an ox wagon
Orania Akademie
Orania has two schools, a traditional one and another with an alternative education system based on the autonomy of students (helped by computing tools)
David Johan Van Niekerk
Lives in Orania since 2008.
David Johan Van Niekerk is a computer engineer, he's teleworking for a company based in Pretoria.
On the wall, a boat oered by his wife in memory of their honeymoon's journey sailing on a lake
Janneke Wiid
Lives in Orania since 1991.
Janneke's family was one of the first to move to Orania.
She became a hairdresser, due to the limited clientele this activity seems to be more a hobby
Jozé Du Plessis
Lives in Orania since 2009.
Jozé is installed at the Social Centre called Elim, his grandmother lives in town, he wishes to stay in Orania as long as possible Jozé works for daily contracts given to him buy the social center. 
He works on construction site, farm, etc. 
Joze occupies his free time repairing electronic hardware.
Kobus Hartzer
Lives in Orania since 1990.
Kobus has always lived here, before the installation of the first white settlers in 1991 his family has participated in the evacuation of homes occupied by black or colored families and workers
Lottie Erasmus
Lives in Orania since 2009 
Lottie has one of the most bourgeois houses of the city, she arrived recently and like many others she opened a guesthouse
Marie and Johan Etzebeth
Lives in Orania since 2008.
Johan and Marie spend their retirement in Orania, always with a form of nostalgia for their previous life and home.
After 18 months on site, they still don't feel quite at ease here
Michael Smith
Lives in Orania since 2006.
Although the number of people didn't really seem to progress, the city built many houses Many will be leased to Afrikaners coming for vacation. 
Michael is the foreman
Omar Fourie
Lives in Orania since 2009.
After immigrating to London, Omar came back to settle in Orania where he works as a social worker. 
The town has to face many problems with alcohol, violent behavior or early pregnancy among youngsters
Sonia Roux
Lives in Orania since 1992.
Sonia is an orphan, she does not know her history nor her French origin, her life in Orania is her only luggage
Dave Prinsloo
Lives in Orania since 1999.
Dave is a former police ocer, a former soldier and a former mercenary.
He became very religious, he is a member of the "Israel Truth" movement with its literal and strict interpretation of the Bible.
Dave is also passionate about geology
Each year, Orania celebrates the victory of Majuba against the British army.
This victory during the Anglo-Boer war is a great pride for Afrikaners and erases some of the many defeats suered there after until the final surrender in 1902
Ben and Charles
Not allowed to settle in Orania.
Ben and Charles have traveled separately for several days, by foot, by train and hitchhiking to Orania.
They hoped to find work and a new life with these Afrikaners "brothers".
After an interview at the Social Centre, they didn't fit with the "criteria", they hit the road together