Wall Painting / FreshDesk 1
Commissioned wall art in Chennai.

Freshdesk Technologies in Chennai, India has a vibrant and playful look within their office space. They have an energetic, young team that has grown from a team of five members to 1200 employees. They implement services and products for the field of customer support and success. The spaces during this first expansion are influenced by the daily life in Chennai, with cute monsters going about the everyday routine instead of people.
Huddle Area​​​​​​​
Inspired from the city of Chennai, this artwork documents the larger than life presence of superstar Rajnikanth in their small office.
People coming to work in share auto's, water shortage, perspiration, random rainfalls, a tech park and coffee breaks
have all been captured within it.
The artwork winds it way across walls turning into a 39 feet doodle.
The world goes round and round to complete one more happy day at Freshdesk.
Photo Wall
The Cafeteria Wall
This is a space where we take a break, have lunch and make conversations. 
The concept was - 'Tea, Kaapi, Arattai' - meaning tea, coffee and chit chat followed by 'Kola Pasi' meaning ravenously hungry!

Poori Aloo, a noodle storm, dosai's and vegetables. A fish catching a fish (for fish fry) and butter cookies...
all types of food find a space for themselves within the artwork.
A caricature of Superstar Rajnikanth in the centre of the cafeteria wall.