Wall Painting for FreshDesk
A commissioned wall artwork in Chennai.
Freshdesk Technologies in Chennai, India is no longer a startup. 5 years ago they began as a 5 people strong team, now they are 300 people and counting. Developing work in the area of SAS and customer care, they have a relatively young group of people putting in lot of hours at work. They wanted a vibrant and playful look within thier office space. I have created artwork suitable for the huddle area - where people can sit and have a casual conversation - to the conference rooms. There is also a logo - photo wall and a long colourful wall in the cafeteria that I have worked upon.
Huddle Area
This is an informal space within the office setup. It had to be bright and inviting for the young crowd within the office. It was totally inspired from Chennai city and the inputs from everyone working in the office. You can find everything right from the Superstar, share auto, water shortage, locks, rainfall, a blazing sun, heat, perspiration, corporate offices, and lots more covered in this artwork.
Inspired from Chennai city, this artwork documents the larger than life presence of superstar Rajnikanth in thier small office.
People coming to work in share auto's, water shortage, perspirations and rainfalls, corporate office with glass buildings and coffee breaks
have all been captured directly or indirectly within it.
The artwork winds it way across walls turning into a 39 feet doodle.
The world goes round and round to complete one more happy day at Freshdesk.
Conference Rooms
There were small characters painted in and around the conference rooms to maintain a continuity of the theme. And adding a dash of humour to spaces where serious conversations take place.
Feeling Cold?
Or getting bored..(yawn)...?
Dream On. What we usually start doing when the meeting gets boring.
Photo Wall
The Cafeteria Wall 

This is a space where we take a break, have lunch and make conversations. The functionality of the space became the base for the concept which was - 'Tea, Kaapi ... Arattai' - meaning tea, coffee and chit chat. The idea was to make bright, food inspired happy walls. The wall on the otherside spelt out 'Kolapasi' that translates to ravenously hungry.
Poori Aloo, Noodle storm, Dosai's and vegetables. A fish catching a fish, for fish fry and butter cookies,
all forms of food find a space for themselves on the long cafeteria walls.
A caricature of Superstar Rajnikanth in the centre of the cafeteria wall.
A very happy artist!