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Module - Wodule 2009
     Theidea of making the product comes from the necessity to design amodule which to be used as a shelf and a partition. The productshould be easy to transport and assemble. The chosen form allows youto make a large number of combinations for the assembly. That makesit easy to fit the mood of the occupant. Two versions of the modulewhich are of one and the same outline but with different type ofconstruction are chosen. The first one is made of solid material byjoining several pieces. The second one is made by ribbing thelongitudinal side of the module - the module is made of 8platescut by CNC or a laser which are linked together by metal. A stool canbe added in order to allow the use of the module as a coffee table.

2010 - Mikser festival - Serbia
2011 - Zona Tortona - Milano
2011 - Sofia Design Week - Bulgaria