Micro-Manifesto on Micro-Urbanisms: Think Micro!
Sometimes small ideas are good enough to make a big impact.
Photo by F. Aydın Uluer
The Prototype
Political Motivation of Research: Most of planning and design in developing countries such as Turkey is made by grand political decisions for the electoral campaigns. These grand projects create grand (too big to be designed) waste-lands in the heart of cities where the most voting potential is. We believe thinking in the opposite spectrum of scales can benefit these areas and show decision makers about potentials in thinking local and thinking in micro-scales.
Photographs by Gudjon Thor Erlendsso, Ertunç Hünkar and Elif Ensari
Video by Ege Şefik Kurt
Project Site Next to the Pasaport Pier in İzmir
A View from İzmir Shoreline 
Subject of Research: The shoreline roads are a very popular urban planning approach in Turkey. These land fill areas are ornamented with flat parks on the side of the water. What is interesting for us is, all of these infill areas interact with the sea in exactly the same manner. The typical section for these parks is applied without any variation throughout Turkey. This typical section creates a 1.5 meter high step from the sea. This height which won't allow for an easy step down disables any physical access to the water. In the image above it is easy to see the effects of this typical section. It is possible to see this exact section extending as far as eye can see.
There already are some mistakenly left out areas in İstanbul where the effects of varied sections can be observed. There are boat slides on Bebek and exposed landfill rocks in Salacak shore. The public have found many interesting ways to utilize them. Sunbathing, afternoon beer with friend and cooling down in hot days are some of the uses.
Growth Examples
A Possible Growth Scenario
Kids Enjoying the Feet Dipping Module
The Prototype on the İzmir Shore
Young İzmirites Enjoying the Prototype
A single Module
Joinery Details
The Team
Modules in the Biennial Venue.
Project Team:
Elif Ensari
Can Sucuoğlu
Gudjon Thor Erlendsson
Ertunç Hünkar
Project Assistants:
Aycan Terzioğlu
Mehmet Sadık Aksu
Gözde Damla Turan
Buket Öztürk
Gamze Şahin
Bengisu Özpirinççi
Think Micro

Think Micro

Floating decks for the Shoreline of İzmir


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