Form Generation based on Perceived Proximal Gravity within Liminal Space
P U  L   L  uses the notion of proximal gravity as a form generator.  The project consists of three buildings that sit within the science block on the southwest corner of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus. 
Holding true to the existing conditions of the block that are organized for science and engineering students, it seemed appropriate that the project would follow a similar vein of inspiration in cosmology.  P U  L   L processes platonic circles that are then deformed based on the perceived affect the contextual buildings would have on the specific sites themselves.  These deformations are then stacked to create the floors of each structure.  Within each of the structures are the combination of needed campus program and gathering spaces for students of science and engineering specifically and the campus wide community in general.
At At the bottom of the above image, the green shape shows a diagram outlining the location of the proposed park.  Each of the circles inhabits a varied position within the park itself.  Surrounding each location each existing building is given a subjective weight which determines the about of pulL on the platonic circle.  Through four iterations the form deforms slightly based on the existing context.
Each of the structures that inhabit the park have a specific relation to the cosmos.  From left to right, ALIEN houses a planetarium, computer labs for students and two lecture halls at the base of the satellite structure.  Center, GRAVITY is the beacon of the park and uses a large light scoop to pulL sun and moonlight down through the building.  Inside, is a main gathering space for the students of the surrounding buildings, computer labs, and small campus retail.  Right, CRATER has impacted the surface of the earth and planets two of its four floors below grade.  Inside are student gathering spaces, a large science  library and an observation deck for viewing the night sky.
Above the library and student union space inside CRATER is a skydeck for students to take repose from their studies and relax. Students can grab coffee in the coffee shop below and come sit atop CRATER just two stories above grade. Here, among the tree tops students can study anlone, visit quietly, or just sit and wonder.