Tumblr wolves... get it? like timber mmm... nevermind
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    The tumblr wolves are back... only like, not in tumblr, but here... just get in.
Tumblr Wolves
I started a tumblr full of wolves... but for now I'm gonna keep them here.
You can check my other "periodical" projects: "An Animal a Day" and "A Series on Painterly Landscapes"
There's a wolf here, just look for it
- My study of this guy is here... but what if I had taken another road...
- Yeah, but that's not a wolf.
-With a bit of imagination it sure is.
Tumblr wolves are back! yayyyyyyyyyyy
Super(non)natural wolves, that is.
I'm going towards a more opaque brushwork style for my future digital chacters and illustrations. It feels like a great excercise of color and value.