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Education that amazes
Client: Edumazing
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Industry: Education
Edumazing exists because of a shared passion to make a positive difference to learners of all ages and abilities throughout the world. To do this they must think differently and be brave in changing the paradigm of education to create a thriving and sustainable future. Edumazing are a connected and growing community of caring professionals, educators, young people and families. They take massive action to transform our learning, our wellbeing and our lives through the power of Human LiteracyTM. To them, learning, inspiring and leading with heart matters.  They are educational. They are amazing. They are Edumazing. 


We were called to create the visual identity of an educational centre that proposes new paradigms. We had to ensure that the communication would be horizontally effective for all ages, beliefs and cultures. A universal design but with its own personality.

We love what we do and we found the same true for the Edumazing team. We worked with a good synergy to achieve results. Our idea related to connectivity, but not in a purely digital sense, but also an emotional and spiritual sense. Hence the entire visual identity is connected through their lines generating continuity and union. Also we worked with rounded shapes to create a climate of kindness. We decided to make all the faces the same shape, creating diversity via changing elements and small details in the characters, because this makes a strong visual impact in the identity. All the icons follow the concept of rounded shapes and lines. This strong identity inspires recognition among various audiences, conveys company values and helps to build a reputation through consistent communication and design.

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