Measuring Time Through Music: Clock
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    Interpreting time through our experience with music.
Measuring Time Through Music
Clock and Packaging Prototype
Looking beyond traditional mechanisms of time, this project analyzes time and its relativity to music. Hours, minutes, and seconds have a relative value, similar to whole, half, and quarter notes. Sheet music is read like one would a new language. In a symphony, each movement is assigned a different tempo: allegro, pretissimo, andante, and largo. The face of the clock is divided into four traditional movements of a symphony orchestra.
The clock is made of polystyrene, as well as its packaging. Our class auctioned the clocks to raise funds for our senior show.
Clock with packaging.
Inspirational image. Capturing the drama and essence of musical performance. Picture: Stock.
Inspirational Image: Looking at the orchestra, divided and as a whole. Also understanding how the audience experiences the music as it comes together.
Advertisement for clock exhibition. Shown on announcement screens around the college.
Exhibit. All clocks shown, on public display.