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    Dance is the only universal form of communication that can be used all around the world, regardless of our own individual languages. Even though it’s wordless, it doesn't pass us by completely. It doesn’t only leave physical marks on the dancers feet and body, but it also leaves invisible marks on their hearts, their souls and on their minds — it touches us  physically, mentally and historically.
    To give ballet a permanent place where the history of dance, important personalities, choreographers, dancers, different notations, the beauty of costumes, the variety of art, legends and current projects can finally feel home, i designed not only a building, i moreover designed a full advertising campaign for the first museum of ballet.
    Based on these ideas, a corporate design was put to life including corporate colours, fonts, photo looks, architecture, and a multimedia-campaign to get people in their everyday lifes in touch with ballet and not least to visit the museum
  • to proove, that dance really leaves marks on its audience, i invited 8 people of different gender, age and origin to watch a 12 minute dance-madley by themselves, that was cut from different youtube scenes. all reactions and emotions (laughs and swallows) were 100% real and unstudied.
  • — start of campaign —
    huge beamer projection of the image-video in the middle of the night on a huge white screen to raise awareness
    art direction + design: jana knorr
    camera + edit: leonard witte
    hair + make-up: michael mayer
    dancer: hanna isabelle goosens
    art assistant: kaja knorr