Seattle Sounders FC ~ Brand Reveal

3D Motion
Seattle Sounders FC Brand Reveal

We were given the honor and responsibility by Column Studio to create a powerful launch film for the rebranding of the Seattle Sounders MLS team. Earlier in 2023, Column came to us with a vision: they wanted a film that was not only engaging but deeply emotive. They wished for a narrative that celebrated the team's storied heritage, showcased Seattle's iconic landmarks, and captured the passion of its fan base.
Our creative process was deeply influenced by the eclectic soul of Seattle. Drawing inspiration from our previous projects like Herradura and our film "Tide", we wanted to steer away from the usual sports motifs. Instead, we aimed for abstract visuals that echoed the phrase 'At the water's edge', a theme that resonated deeply with both Column Studio and the Sounders team. This became our compass, guiding us to develop a visual narrative that flowed like water, underscored by an editing style reminiscent of the tide's ebb and flow.
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Seattle Sounders FC

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Seattle Sounders FC ~ Brand Reveal