With one of the most diverse groups of people in North America, and an incredible abundance of creative opportunities, Vancouver is bursting with potential for greater creative interconnectivity. It was through our own search for opportunities that we came across a few hurdles: the disconnect between people in need of creative talent and individuals with this talent, the untapped potential of having so many skilled people (often completely unaware of each other), and the barriers to accessing existing methods of exposure.

To answer this call we have created our blog focused on highlighting creativity, culture and entrepreneurship in Vancouver, Canada. Through multimedia storytelling such as articles, photography and videography we seek to approach journalism from a different perspective. Our stories are documented at www.thisisvancity.com

Below is a collection of concept designs and final proofs for our blog.
/ / February 2011 - Soft Launch
/ / April 2012 - Developed - Refined
/ / April 2012