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Pathways Alliance - Campaign

Common Ground.

Given that the demand for oil will not evaporate overnight, the vision for Pathways is to be the preferred supplier of responsibly-produced oil in the world.

Pathways Alliance is made up of the six largest oil sands companies representing 95% of oil sands production. They have come together to help Canada meet its climate goals specifically pertaining to 2030 emissions targets and Canadaʼs eventual goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

The average Canadian’s concerns about climate change are completely in line with those of oil sands companies. In this campaign we dramatize the common ground we all share on this subject, and introduce CCS as part of the solution.

'Common Ground' is a fresh perspective to achieve a visually dynamic, authentic spot where the conversation flows from one scene to the next - a universal message shared by average Canadians and oil sands personnel alike.

Common Ground needed to represent and connect with both English and French speaking Canadians for its national campaign. We filmed each scene bilingually, with two sets of talents for every set and scene.

Social Format - 1x1 - 15 sec
Social Format - 4x5 - 15 sec

Digital and Print components of the full campaign.
BTS on location in Toronto.
Role: Art Director / ACD
Created with Patrick Doyle & Marcella Coad
Agency: Evans Hunt
Client: Pathways Alliance
Director: David Masters
Production: Skin & Bones
Producer: Brittany Taylor
Editing: School
VFX: Fort York
Custom score by Boombox

Thanks to Brittany, Maciek and Nadine.

Pathways Alliance - Campaign


Pathways Alliance - Campaign