Trashformation: Plastic Planet

A campaign aims to create awareness about the excessive usage of plastic products and to promote sustainability lifestyle. It comes with a Children's illustration book + A series of 3 Posters with 3 different Patterns printed behind the posters. A Tote bag is provided once the book and poster is purchased.

Children's Book: Plastc Planet
It talked about 3 aliens that escaped from their planet because of severe plastic pollution.
They stumbled upon planet earth and decided to check out its living condition.
The issue of land, ocean and air pollution is then exposed through the 3 characters exploration.

Posters: Trashformation
The series of posters are the suggested solution to the problem illustrated in the Children's book: Plastic Planet

Patterns: Trashformation
Inspired by the word sustainability, the images in the Children's book: Plastic Planet are then used
to form into a series of 3 wrappers. They are printed behind 3 different posters to provide the readers
another alternative usage.
Exhibition Format:
Interior of the tote bag
Badges on the tote bag : 3 for each tote bag