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    Interactive postcard for Mango's christmas seasonal campaign
Kiss & Send
Besar antes de enviar

The briefing
Last christmas Mango briefed us in order to design a little variation of their "Mango Kiss" seasonal campaign. It had to entail some of the company's values, like glamour and hype, but being clearly identified with the xmas celebration. The wanted it simple, effective... and fast. 
The starting concept
I proposed them to use the song "Sealed with a kiss" -play above- as an inspiration for the whole thing. Although the lyrics talk about a summer romance, the point was to use the idea of sending a kiss inside an envelope and transmitting this mix of teenage nostalgia and sixties glam which coupled reasonably good with the firm and some xmas emotions.
The solution
You could choose a background image, the paper color and different styles of lips before starting to type the message. 
There were some hot words with a little animation associated to them.
The person who received the postcard, via email, could read your message and see how some words created little animations as they were written down. In the end, a sonorous kiss stamped "and sealed" the postcard, ready to send it again via Twitter, Facebook, email... or make your own postcard for someone else.