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    Commissioned by Penguin Books, we produced a email template suite from design through to development for use across Penguin Classics.
Penguin Classics

Email Design & Development

We were hired by Penguin Books to produce a suite of email templates to promote their products and drive success rates. The suite included specific template layouts for emails from book grids to individual title releases.

Whilst adopting the overall brand of the company and required key elements we intergrated new ideas to modernised the templates to try to push the company forward from their previous set up.

Working with the Brand Manager at Penguin Classics from design right through to development and implementation in email client software we produced results that the client was extremely happy with.

"Working with Hatch Inc. was a real pleasure, it was the most painless project I've ever worked on. They had a great grasp of our needs as a client as well as being understanding about the sometimes tiresome process of having work signed off by multiple stakeholders. They went above and beyond to make the integration as easy as possible and were helpful and attentitive throughout." 

– Sam Voulters, Brand Manager - Penguin Classics.