Mihoya Glass x YeongKyu YOO
Mihoya Glass is renowned for its group of artisans who specialize in designed glass products. Yeongkyu Yoo, a designer with innovative creativity who skillfully uses the latest technology, has brought out the best in the highly skilled artisans of Mihoya Glass. His theme for our project was: “A fusion of the most traditional and the most futuristic.” The simplicity of his design and the artisan’s spirit among the professionals of the Mihoya Glass, who are even more inspired when faced with difficult challenges, are combined to produce an innovative design that is marvelously fresh and new to viewers.

Mihoya Glass
Founded in 1909 in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo, this business started out as a glass store that produced mainly glass lamp covers. The store made a shift when the current, third-generation owner, Tomohiko Mihoya, met Shiro Kuramata (one of Japan's most important designers). Since then, they have been striving to meet the requests of designers and artists in realizing their most innovative designs for glass products.

Japan Creative is a non-profit organization founded to respond to the destructive earthquake of March 2011, an event that led to some rethinking of the aesthetics and value of design.
The first exhibition of Japan Creative showcased prototypes for six specialty product collaborations: Oigen x Jasper Morrison, Hinoki Kogei x Peter Marigold, Pioneer x Paul Cocksedge, Mihoya Glass x Yeongkyu Yoo, Koubei-gama x Inga Sempe, and Dome Carbon

photo by japan creative
Salone Milan 2012, photo by japan creative
Tokyo exhibition 2012
/magnetic levitation experiment - the weight of over 8kg glass dome is being floated 
Levitation Technology by CREALEV
developer : Jin Kuramoto, assistant designer:  youngduck song(cloudandco)
"We were captivated by the beauty of JC 04, a glass light that uses magnets to float in mid air. It was produced by Tokyo-based artisan glass company Mihoya Glass in collaboration with Korean designer Yeongkyu Yoo." - Vogue Magazine