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    Prototyping Interactive Experiences was a set of projects which I worked on gaining experience with Processing and Arduino to create experiences.
Generative Art Reacting to Sound Using Processing (processing.org)
Creating a Gaming Experience Using Objects
Final Project Prototyping a Pseudo Emotional Object Using Arduino
Prototyping Interactive Experiences was split over two projects which were based on using Processing (processing.org) and arduino (arduino.cc).  The first project which is shown above was to create a gaming experience using Processing.  Concentrating on user expeience was a key part of the brief meaning the project was not about game creation but about the user experience.  For my project I chose to do a sniper experience using household objects.  I had always liked the sniper experience whilst playing console games but thought it would be interesting to provide a more authentic experience by getting users into a sniper position on the floor (making them feel like a sniper). 
For a more in-depth view of the project please have a look at my documentation booklet here:
The 2nd project which used an arduino (uno board and software) to create an object with a pseudo-emotional response was a more in-depth project.  Using sensors and motors programmed via an arduino, the brief was to create a 10x10x10 cube which exhibited a pseudo-emotional response.  In my project my cube was based on the concept of surveillance.  The cube which I created moved (like a head turning) when a movement sensor was activated, the cube was placed on a shelf on the poster which was created to compliment the project (if you look at the poster you will see a square).  Again for a more in-depth look at the project please have a look at the documentation here: