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    Whole roll of Acros Neopan 100 film exposed with Hasselblad 500cm medium format film camera.
  It always some kind of challenge for me to put the DSLR aside and to use only Film camera during all time of whole walk or trip. I always have the feeling on the background of my thoughts that something can go wrong and i'll stay without pictures. But to go with both camerasa is some kind of masochism. But this weekend i did it and you know what - no sort of tragedy or drama - i have every single shoot of this roll exposed very well, developed and scanned. In additional - the last two frames taken with remote shutter when my Hasselblad was attached to the tripod. This was first time for me to use both and exposure was appropriate also in these frames. 
more on celluloid : http://www.victorbezrukov.com/folio/analog
Photography © Victor Bezrukov - All Rights Reserved
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