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    CD packaging for Estilhaços Cinemáticos
Estilhaços Cinemáticos
One might say that it’s “just” an album, if such an adverb would ever suit an artistic project. In fact, the graphic design for Estilhaços Cinemáticos (which can be translated as cinematic fragments or splinters) says a lot about us, offering a small sample – or a splinter – of our work method, but also of our predilection for disciplinary intersections and territorial linkages. The third album of a spoken word project (Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, António Rafael, Jorge Coelho and Henrique Fernandes), Estilhaços Cinemáticos was inspired by the work of Portuguese illustrators, who in turn took their inspiration from movies by Herzog, Buñuel, Jarmush, César Monteiro and Hitchcock, among others. Produced with gouge-carved linoleum blocks, the cover’s illustration features the light-pierced darkness (hence the option for a stark black and white) that permeates the album, showing us the splintered face of its protagonist, who moves and speaks “from the crest of madness”.