"Vike" Web Campaign for vitaminwater & Create Bikes
Key Info: vitaminwater has joined forces with Create Bikes to launch a cooperative digital campaign that reinforces the identity of both brands: originality, pop and urban culture and a smart and modern lifestyle. Ironically, we took a common and well known element: a bicycle; and we presented it as a new futurist eco friendly machine that arrives to change the way we move through the city. fueled by the hydration of vitaminwater we promise no more traffic jams, no more pollution and a lot more of style. The users participated to win a brand new futuristic "vike" (a create bike + heaps of vitaminwater) through our website: six simple but smart challenges related with each existent variety of vitaminwater in Chile, that simulated a kind of driver's license test to confirm if they were able handle a vike.

My work: (Creative /Designer/Art Director)
• Think the creative idea, make the drafts and wireframes, find references and present the idea to clients.
• Develop the User Experience (UX) and the User Interface (UI). I designed the campaign layout and all the graphics, and also helped with some of the vitaminwater's style copywriting texts.
• Create and design Facebook posts and other graphics to share and promote the idea over social networks.
Intro Video (With Federico Sánchez, a famous chilean Journalist)
Test Selection
Instructions in every new test.
Very simple but funny tests that measure the driving skills of the user, related to each variety of vitaminwater
Example: essential variety is focused on mornings due to its properties. Because of that the essential test measures your reaction capacity through the speed that you can press a clock alarm light that turns on randomly . 
If they are successful, we asked for details to contact possible winners.
When a test is completed, they can't participate again in the same one and have to choose other of the 5 tests.
energy - measures energy and resistance
defense - measures hability to avoid danger
restore - measures the capacity get back on your feet.
power-c - measures your strength
multi-v - measures your multitasking hability
lightbox gallery of prizes and products
well done! all levels complete! 6 chances to win!
Facebook Posts Design
Copywriter: Francisco Bezanilla
Creative Director: Cristian Sepulveda
Executive Account Director: Luisa Mayoral
Web Developer: David Alvaro
"Vike" Web Campaign for vitaminwater & Create Bikes

"Vike" Web Campaign for vitaminwater & Create Bikes



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