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    Some of the work compiled while working for MCM Structures.
My role in working with MCM Structures was to develop marketing tools (including websites, presentations and others) to explain the innovative technologies that the company had developped and researched.
I provided aesthetic design for the company's innovative intellectual property projects. One of such projects was a power reserve structure (as featured below).  This municipal structure holds industrial batteries which would provide power to electric car rechargers on the street. The power reserve structure would have a secondary funtion as a display for information and publicity.
I assisted the senior engineer in designing newproducts and concepts in the sector of urban energy and telecommunicationinfrastructures from their patented technologies.
One of my assignments was to help them enhancetheir visual images. I had to produce marketing brochures, presentations and alsohelped with the design/layout of their website.

Projects for Sogescom
My work with Sogescom, an affiliated company to MCM Structures.
I had as task  to help with their graphic design needs, I designed various, icons, logos and business ca