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Stoney Creek University Showcase Tournament

Stoney Creek Showcase Tournaments
At Top Shelf Media Inc, we don't just create content; we craft experiences that resonate and drive results. In sports marketing, the difference between merely producing content and orchestrating a symphony of video and photo avenues is what sets champions apart. For the month of September, we embarked on a journey with the Stoney Creek Sabres organization, working collaboratively across all fronts- U18, U22, and the association as a whole. The results? You judge for yourself,

Our approach started with a new identity for the tournament.
Before the tournaments began, the association was lucky enough to have Team Japan visit for an exhibition game. We were able to assist the team and connect them with Cable 14 the local community TV network who would capture this game and promote the upcoming U18 Showcase tournament that Team Japan would be participating in.
Signage was placed around the venues which provided info to families, fans and players on where to go to find the content that was being produced by our team. We wanted players visiting to know about the upcoming U22 Home Schedule so a poster size schedule was created which was part of other marketing goals.
In just two weeks, our partnership produced a 15% surge in followers, breathing new life into the Sabres' digital presence. But that's just the beginning. We left a mark on the digital landscape, generating  90,000 impressions daily, reaching 2,000 eager participants and families. Photography and video was captured that was used to recap each day and send to families through email marketing next day leaving behind an impression and keeping the tournament in mind afterwards. Photo links alone generated 200 emails for future use in pushing future tournament objectives. The neutral approach of the association to the tournaments helped showcase all athletes and not just the ones associated with association. We however of course made sure to put an emphasis on the Sabres teams!


Celebrations in general always achieve great results. We captured each teams celebrations and shared it within hours for the brass, bronze, silver and gold tournament winners.
Tournaments are the crown jewels of any sports organization. By strategically leveraging the power of web and social media, we transformed the Sabres' tournaments into unforgettable experiences.

Our approach extends beyond the immediate, creating a buzz that paves the way for early registrations and cements a tournament's reputation as a benchmark of quality for a local association.

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Stoney Creek University Showcase Tournament

Stoney Creek University Showcase Tournament