Logo Design
All American AC & Heating
Logo for a local AC and Heating provider (contract work for Wild Web Studios, Inc.). 2011. Houston, TX, USA.
Alex Koran
My personal logo. 2010. Houston, TX, USA.
The Career Guitarist Consortium
Logo for The Career Guitarist Consortium, group of professional guitarist instructors. 2012. Houston, TX, USA.
Colonial Fence
Logo for a local fence manufacturer (contract work for Wild Web Studios, Inc.). 2011. Houston, TX, USA.
Grace Gate Media LLC
Logo for a local publishing company. 2013. Houston, TX, USA.
Irresistibly Yours, LLC
Logo for a small private business Irresistibly Yours, LLC. Custom Diaper Wreaths & Baby Gifts. 2011. Houston, TX, USA.
Life Spring Church
Logo for a local Christian church. 2012. Houston, TX, USA.
Personal logo for Lola, singer, artist. 2011. Houston, TX, USA.
One Grace Media
Logo for a Christian publishing company, 2013. Houston, TX, USA.
On The Level Records
Logo for a music record company. 2012. Houston, TX, USA.
Texan Glass & Solar Control
Logo update for an automotive, residential and commercial glass replacement and installation company. 2014. Houston, TX, USA.
Curly Turtle
Logo for a small kid's entertainment company. 2010. Houston, TX, USA.
Atals Operating LLC
Logo re-desing for a local oil company. 2014. Houston, TX.
Logo Design

Logo Design

Variety of Logos created over few years.


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