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    Heads of mine & texts of godfather movie...! just gift...See & Enjoy...!
More on: http://7.shahabsiavash.com
"Only Don't Tell Me You're Innocent, Because It Insults My Intelligence And Makes Me Very Angry..."
"You're My Older Brother And I Love You, But Don't Ever Take Sides With Against The Family Again, Ever..."
"I'm a Superstitious Man And If Some Unlucky Accident Should Befall Him, If He Should Be Shot In The Head By a Police Officer, Or If Should Hang Himself in His Jail Cell, Or If He's Struck By a Bolt of Lightening, Then I'm Going To Blame Some of The People in This Room And That, I Do Not Forgive. But, That Aside, Let Say That I Swear, on The Souls of My Grandchildren, That I Will Not Be The One To Break The Peace We Have Made Here Today..."
"You Talk About Vengeance, Is Vengeance Going To Bring Your Son Back To You ?! Or My Boy To Me ?!"
"You Straightened My Brother Out ?!"
"Look How They Massacred My Boy..."
"Never Tell Anybody Outside The Family What You're Thinking, Again..."