HubMed - Experts

The rapidly growing aesthetic medicine industry not only brings tremendous interest in treatments but also a number of challenges, especially for specialists. Doctors must constantly improve their skills to meet patient expectations and stay abreast of innovations.

In response to these needs, HubMed is meeting them by offering a one-stop solution with the latest knowledge, world-class specialists, and treatment procedures that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

The logo mark symbolizes a variety of subjects and products that are interconnected by the human factor—the community of experts standing behind them.

The main palette draws inspiration from natural colors while incorporating bold accents that capture the distinct essence of each sub-brand. The timeless choice of a classic sans-serif typography creates a harmonious balance among the diverse elements and infuses the overall design with an air of sophistication.

The newly created identity aims to attract new audiences as the brand enters the market. Through a comprehensive visual communication strategy, it aspires to become a leading platform that brings together various aspects of medicine, such as education, courses, and networking.