Stone Fish
Towards Rock Art
My fish series began as an investigation of ways to recreate neolithic cave paintings, using authentic methods. First I need to find a way to create the rock, the cave wall, and then I wanted to find out how to get the same technical "feel" of the images to the neolithic cave painting of Spain and France. I started to notice that all cove paintings where carried out on similar rock. Fine grained and light coloured limestones and sandstones. This was both absorbent and gave decent colour contrast with the media used for "painting", normally iron oxides and soot. My "stone" surface has progressed from canavs, through polystrene shapes to moulded expanding foam, using a ground of fine sand, gesso, and acrylic background paint to create a rock like surface that is still absorbent. The painting step is relatively simple if you wet the stone surface and then "blow" on dry oxide the oxides is partially sucked in to stain the stone and those leave a permanent mark. To maintain shapes I used simple masks (eg common masking tape). Along the way I have had lots of fun.
So why did I choose fish as a theme for my modern cave painting? Well fish are seldom painted in the european caves.