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    Storyboarding for Paddle Pop.

Paddle Pop is the new king of the Lion Kingdom. He is brave and always up for an adventure. His arch-enemy is the evil Shadow Master, who seeks to control the world. Paddle Pop's Lion Staff, powered by the Lion Crystals, has saved him & his friends from many dangerous situations.
Evening time, The story starts off, with an overview of jungle, where Paddle Pop’s birthday is in progress. Birthday caps, whistles, games are being played here and there. We need to show things, which are locally relevant to our birthdays.
We establish that Paddle Pop’s big gift from his uncle, Professor Higgabottom will be the JIGGLY JELLY and that is the main reason Shadow Master who is the evil dude, will come with his full force, to fight and take away the jiggly jelly.
As the Shadow Master comes at the exact moment when Paddle Pop is about to get his Jiggly Jelly, we show PP and his few friends are ready to face the evil, Shadow master. Each one has their secret and fierce weapon, which is nothing other than Jiggly Jelly ready to be used against Shadow Master.
We show a good fight, which is MAINLY fought with Jiggly Jelly (we can show different implications of jiggly and wobbly nature of this icecream in fighting sequences).
At the end Paddle Pop and his friends win over Shadow Master and his evil ideas and plans.
paddle pop’s birthday
Its fun time and the jungle is all decorated with lights, streamers, buntings and its festive all around. There is carnival + mela in progress with Ferris Wheels, different localized swings set up. Everyone is having a ball of a time. The main event of the carnival + mela is the TALENT SHOW where each animal of the jungle is showing their own talents. Monkeys are showing what they can do, Birds are showing their talent and so on.
The best performer will be awarded with the dependable Jiggly Jelly. For this cause only, impersonated as some other animal, Shadow Master comes in the middle to perform. For now no one recognizes him until he takes off his fake dressup and shows his real face.
Few cowards starts running here and there, but the brave ones, Paddle Pop and his friends are all set to fight with him, with the weapon he is after. Their ultimate power, their ultimate weapon Jiggly Jelly.
Fight Sequence, Jiggly jelly is the main weapon and the ultimate savior.
carnival, talent hunt in the jungle
We see that the jungle is all set up and there is something interesting is happening. We realize (or show clearly somewhere written) that the annual sports day is happening currently and all the animals are busy in different games. We can incorporate our local, street games here, such as pitto garam, or khokho and some are running in a race. That’s just an overview and we move on to our main event, which is the cricket match happening.
Cricket match is at its climax. Paddle Pop is batting and he is about to hit a six. As soon as hits a big shot, we see the ground being covered by a HUGE shadow. Everyone halts and realizes that shadow master is here and he caught the ball. He is here because the ultimate prize which will be given to the winner is Jiggly Jelly and Shadow Master is after that.
The crowd (all the animals) gets scraed and starts running here and there, where as we see the brave ones, leaving their Bats, Balls and taking out their Jiggly Jelly to fight with the Evil Master.
Fighting Sequence and ultimate Paddle Pop Victory
sports day in jungle