OSOME: Brand Identity & Web

Since the very beginning Osome has always championed entrepreneurs. With the right support, anyone can become a successful business owner. Osome's goal is to be the go-to financial expert for every business owner, from start-up to scale-up. 

The company provides entrepreneurs with an expert accountant and easy-to-use platform so they can confidently focus on their growth and what matters most to them. 

Osome's evolved visual identity brings its brand essence to life by combining the warmth of humane communication with the expert precision and simplicity of its easy-to-use software.


Head of Design: Dmitry Bykov
Creative Director: Anton Bodryashkin
Brand Manager: Paul-Reza Afshar
Producer: Alina Kotlyachkova
Tone of Voice: Emma Richardson-Gerrard
Design Concept: Sergey Lavrinenko, Stacy Mikhailova, Tanya Ermolaeva, Vlad Ayuev, Nikita Lukyanov
Art Directors: Roma Lazarev, Stacy Mikhailova
Design: Anton Bodryashkin, Roma Lazarev, Stacy Mikhailova, Jack Kermer
Illustrations: Daria Surma, Stacy Mikhailova
Web Design: Mikhail Voloshanenko, Ilia Snopkov, Roma Petrov
Motion Design: Pavel Kuderov

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OSOME: Brand Identity & Web