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    8 designers. 54 cards. 1 Designer Suit
Designer Suit

8 designers
54 cards
1 Designer Suit
This is a design collaboration which I initiated between 8 graphic designers, posed with the challenge of re-designing a traditional deck of poker cards without losing usability.

Colour and size restrictions were given to the other designers to ensure a cohesive overall appearance of the deck of cards.

All of us were students from University of Arts London, representing London College of Communication and Central Saint Martins.

Hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, our diverse backgrounds and influences have been imbued in our creations. The Designer Suit has served as a platform for design students from the 2 colleges to interact and work together.

The cards are available for sale at http://shop.iampingpong.com
These were the 7 cards which I designed, including the 'suit' at the back of the cards and the project description (below).
The cards are available for sale here