HALL WINES Napa Valley --- The Art Map 2014
Last Fall I was commissioned by HALL WINES to illustrate
and design a brochure that would serve as a guide to visitors
to their Napa Valley Winery. A map that noted the location of each piece of art that is located on the property and inside the buildings.
The wine production building is a brilliant design by
Signum Architecture, lead by Jarrod Denton.
The Bergfeld Building: built in 1885 by an Olde Sea Captain.

As an irrepressible lover of art and as an illustrator it was a
dream assignment. From December to April I took many trips
to the property. To Sketch. To Listen. To Learn. To Sketch.
This is how we create our best work. Through exploration and
through research. I worked with the inspired Gretchen Keith
and we spent many happy hours going over ideas and
perspectives that would best capture the magic of the the ART.
The following images will show (illustrate!) the process
of creating a simple 6x4 inch brochure that is informative,
educational and allegedly beautiful. You will see the development
of The Design, The Art, The Icons. And The Illustration
of Foo Foo Bunny: a seven ton sculpture that was placed
at the winery during the process of creating this piece.
Starting with photos you will see the property and the art.
Then the development of the design of the 2-fold 6x4 brochure.
Then the development of the icons created to depict each
work of art. All of the art in the Hall Collection is, collectively,
a grand expression of the variations of art that can be beheld.
From Kinetic to Organic to Sublime to Post-Modern to
Digital, Comical, Austere, Colorful and of course — to "Wow".
Below is the creative process from December 2013 to April 2014.
Although the content below is lengthy — this is actually an edited
version of all that passed between me and Gretchen
as we developed and produced "The Map".

Aerial Photos + My iPhone Photos

Exploring the Format


The Process of Creating the Main Map Art


Illustrating Foo Foo Bunny

The Bottle Shot


The Icons


The Final Printed Piece

Gretchen and I were committed to creating
a unique printed piece that would artistically capture
the magic of this extraordinary collection of art.
Every piece stands alone in its own artistic grace.
Since the Foo Foo Bunny was installed last
Spring she has become a centerpiece of the entire
Napa Valley. Already the affection for this and all
the art is becoming contagious. Now when I enter the
winery there is always a car (or three) parked next to
Foo Foo so the visitors can photo each other in great joy.
A stunning reminder of the power of art.
I was and am so proud to be a part of it.
Thanks for visiting.
Sketch. Listen. Learn. Sketch.

HALL WINES Napa Valley --- The Art Map 2014

HALL WINES Napa Valley --- The Art Map 2014

Development of 6x4 Brochure of Map of the Art at the property of Hall Wines, Napa Valley. The unveiling of Foo Foo Bunny, et al.