Colombia, the country of beauty


Colombia, the country of beauty is an invitation to rediscover all that our country has to offer,
not only to foreigners, but also to Colombians, so that they fall in love with their country and become its best influencers.
This campaign is a portrait of the hidden beauty of Colombia, it is a way to understand and get to know its people. Therefore, the main question we asked ourselves to create this new narrative of the country was: what is the beauty of Colombia that exists and that we have not talked about?

Andrea Isaac | Horacio Maggi | Diego Tovar| Daniel de Castro | Santiago Arango| Marcelino Cuéllar| Jose Prieto
Santiago Becerra| Damián Jozame| Natalia Valencia| Melissa Ospina| Laura Yepes| Susana Bonillas| Andrés Leyva| Pilar Prieto| Helmer Blanco| Mauricio Vivas Luis Segura| Lizeth Mora| Jonathan Torres| Gabriel de Francisco| Nathaniel Paz| Pablo Moreno| Laura Silva| Andrés Mauricio Cabrera| Alejandro Muñoz
Juan Sebastián Pulido| Alejandro García Juan Manuel López| Rubén Triana| Julián Bermúdez| Jhon Quiroga| César Pinzón| Esteban Correa| Maria Paula Carlos| Laura Logreira Marlon Enciso| Sebastián Magyaroff| Juan David Ceballos| Hugo Horta| Hember Garzon| Fredy Vela
Cliente: ProColombia Productora: KASA Agencia Creativa

Colombia, the country of beauty

Colombia, the country of beauty

Agencia: HAVAS COLOMBIA CEO: Andrea Isaac CCO: Horacio Maggi DGC: Diego Tovar CSO: Daniel de Castro Directores Creativos: Santiago Arango, Marcel Read More