Karachi Relief Trust - Be Homeless for a Day Campaign
Be Homeless for a Day
Karachi Relief Trust (for Pakistani flood affectees)
Created by a group of civic minded volunteers, Karachi Relief Trust (KRT) shares the fundamental belief that each person canand should make a difference. KRT has been leading relief efforts since 2007 and mobilizes its team and contributers wheneverdisaster strikes. In 2008, Karachi Relief helped the victims of the Quetta Earthquake and avoid a wide-spread humanitariancrises by taking up initiatives to build shelters for the displaced. Additionally food rations werecontributed among the affectees. Continuing its efforts in 2009, the internally displacedpeople of Swabi had no means to survive with. KRT saw the need to provide relief forcertain perishable daily necessities such as milk.

The Objective
To educate people about KRT's Build a Home program and remind people to not stop donating for the post-emergency rehabilitation work that is under progress in Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. This awareness campaign should be made keeping in mind the limitation of funding for advertising. 

The Target Audience
Target audience of KRT is anyone and everyone with a heart and a little money or time to spare. But keeping in mind the limitations, the designed campaign is targeted towards the youth. 15-25 year old students looking for a better future of the country.

The Big Idea
The big idea is to do something that will create a buzz and get people talking. 

The Solution
We will create an event named “BE HOMELESS FOR A DAY”, inviting people to come and spend a day without their cell phones and ipods and try being in the shoes of a person who has lost everything and has no idea where they will be sleeping that night. This will be call out to everyone to come together and show the flood affectees that they have not been forgotten. The event will take place on the 23rd of March 2011.  A perfect way for the nation to show solidarity on Pakistan Day.

This event will be in collaboration with Imran Khan's Pukaar and our media partners Geo Tv and CityFM89. I use these names since client mentioned that Geo Tv and Pukaar have given all the funds raised to KRT, hence resulting in collaboration of the organizations. The client also mentioned having an association with CityFM89 and the free airtime that they can provide the client. I decided to use all this information for my benefit keeping in mind the scarce funding for the campaign.

Since we do not have funds for ATL (TVCs, print ads, billboards etc), this will be the perfect way to get coverage. Doing an event like this will make THEM come to US. We will get free coverage from the media. The entire day will be recorded to be later put up on public platforms like YouTube and Facebook, resulting in a much vast approach to people. 

The working of the event will be simple. The participants will check in at 10 am on March 23rd 2011 after buying a ticket for Rs 250/- . The entire ground will be covered with daris and protective material to make sure the grass is not destroyed. These materials will be covered with mud. 

The participants will make teams of minimum 6 and maximum 8 people and each team will be provided with a tent. They have to set up the tent themselves and help others too if they feel they want to and can. 
Later in the day, each team will be given raw materials and some dry ration. They have to manage their meals for the day using those only. Clean drinking water will only be given in a limited quantity. There will only be two washrooms, one for men and one for the women, designed keeping in mind the conditions of the actual flood affected areas.

All through out the day, there will be sudden commotions, like the daris will be shaken, the dust will rise and will make everyone feel like it was an earthquake. A fire brigade will be used to create fake rain and the participants will have to deal with the rain and its after math. No dry clothing will be provided immediately.These are some of the examples of what the day will have in store for the participants. But rest assured, everyone walking out of there would have gone through much more than an experience. It will be a realization. A reality check. A feeling of compassion for those who go through conditions much worse than the one staged at the event. 

The Campaign
The designed campaign for the event is called “Be Homeless For A Day”. The colors used are vibrant because we are inviting people to an adventurous event. The visuals show blocks, symbolizing the idea of building. It shows silhouette of a house and a hand reaching out of it to hold another hand reaching out from a tent. The campaign is visually vibrant and graphic, unlike any other local non-profit communication.

There will be posters, banners and flyers that will be sent to schools, colleges and universities. They will also be put up and given out at popular hangouts of the youth like cafes and music shops.
There will be an extensive campaign online. There will be facebook events, facebook ads and side banners, twitter pages. It will be publicized on the platforms provided by the collaborating organizations as well. Like Imran Khan will tweet about it. Geo will have a strip running. The News can donate an ad space. CityFM89 will give us free airtime to talk about the event.  

The Post-Event Campaign
The post event campaign will be called “I Was Homeless For A Day”. The participants will be given merchandCreated by a group of civic minded volunteers, Karachi Relief Trust (KRT) shares the fundamental belief that each person canand should make a difference.