Brief: History of Leeds
Project Type: University group project
Media choice: Ambient media
The brief was to create ambient media to promote a historical event which occured in Leeds. Our group decided to focus on Pablo Fanque, a black circus proprieter during the Victorian era, and the death of his wife Susannah Darby one night in Leeds. The significance of her death is that she was the only death out of 600 spectators that night of the performance
The Concept
600 tiny lanterns would be displayed in the Core shopping centre in Leeds, each lit with a single candle and a ticket hanging from the bottom of the lantern to signify each attendee on the night of the incident. The largest of the lanterns will be blacked out and damaged, signifying Fanque's wife's death. The lanterns will be displayed for one night only on 18th March at the Core shopping centre where candles will be lit after 6pm when it gets dark and will stay up for the whole night.
My responsibility was to edit and manipulate imagery and conduct background research on Victorian circuses. These are the images I have created for the group project. Photographs and the ticket design were taken and created by various people within the group, I retouched photographs and put the pieces together.