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  • My final entry for the Poster Posse project celebrating the 75 years of Batman.
    Batman has got such a rich history that in the end it was really hard to choose just one era to pay tribute to one of the greatest characters in popular culture, so I'm paying tribute to as much of said history as I canI decided to choose 75 Batmen each representing an important moment in Batman's long career.
    They're grouped into Comics & Videogames / Film & TV / Animation which you can tell byt the colors used in each group.
    Since there's so many of them I chose a pretty sober geometric style to keep them consistent, yet it was a lot of fun trying to keep the traits of each particular Batman recognizable.
    Hope you enjoy them!
  • Poster celebrating 75 Years of Batman with 75 different Batmen.
  • Variant version.
  • 75 different Batmen.
  • Batman 1st Appearance Bob Kane • Batman Jerry Robinson • Batman Dick Sprang • Batman Carmine Infantino
    Batman Neal Adams • Batman Marshall Rogers • The Dark Knight Returns
  • The Dark Knight Returns Armor • Year One • Gotham by Gaslight • Batman Simon Bisley
    Red Rain • Batman vs Predator • Azrael Batman
  • Speedign Bullets • In Darkest Knight • Batman vs Spawn • Long Halloween
    Kingdom Come • ThrillKiller • DC One Million
  • Dark Knight of the Round Table • Batman Alex Ross • Owlman Earth Two • Batman Mike Mignola
    Red Son • Batman Ed McGuinness • Batman Jim Lee
  • DC New Frontier • All Star Batman & Robin • Justice Armored Batman • Batzarro
    Year 100 • Lego Batman • Batman and Son
  • Batman of Zur-En-Arrh • Damian Wayne Batman • Arkham Series • Arkham Series Detective Mode
    Arkham Series Armor • Sinestro Corpos • Jason Todd
  • Batman Two Face Right • Batman Two Face Left • Batman Dick Grayson • Batman Black Lantern
    Batman White Lantern • Batman Incorporated • Batman Thomas Wayne
  • Batman New 52 • Batman Greg Capullo • Thrasher Suit • Batman Earth Two New 52
    Dark knight Earth Two • Batman Earth One • Injustice
  • Batman Serial 1943 • Batman 1966 • Batman 1989 • Batman Returns
    Batman Forever • Batman & Robin • Batman Begins
  • Batman Begins Demon • Dark Knight/Rises • Batman v Superman • Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder
    Super Friends • Batman the Animated Series • Batman Beyond
  • Justice League Unlmited • The Batman • Batman Brave and the Bold
    DC Animated Movies • Beware the Batman • Batman Unlimited
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  • Sketch 03
  • Well, this was my final entry for the Poster Posse Batman project, hope you enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed doing every single Batman! It is just so much fun to work on something like Batman that has been with me (and us all) my entire life!
    And I need to give credit to Miguel Camilo ( whose work was definitely an inspiration, check his stuff, dud got skillz!
    Please, head over to to see some more Bat-Art from some incredibly talented artist and friends!
    Glad to have you here and thanks for appreciating!