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    Branding for the project "Six degrees of separation"
Six Degrees Of Separation
Based on the theory of "Six degrees of separation", i created the corporate identity for a company purpose of which is to deal with communicators and sociological issues, making seminars and conferences on communication. This company will also examine this theory through the modern era, so with Milgram's method (see below), as through the internet.
Logo Idea
For the logo, i wanted to find something that includes the number six and the population of the world. So i marked every continent with a dot and connenected them. From the connections that came, i chose the following, because when turned at right, looks like the number six.
Corporate Identity
The experiment
The theory was first proposed in 1929 by the Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy, in a short story called "Chains". After three decades in 1967, an American social psychologist from Harvard, Stanley Milgram, discovered this theory and decided to do an experiment known as "small world experiment".
In these mailing tubes are included two sheets of paper front and back size 35X50cm.
The first one has instructions of how to take part in this study (small world experiment),
and the second one has detachable postcards to send to the company, so to update the progress of the study.
How to take part in this study front & back
Detachable Postcards
Bookmarker front & back
Hand-sewn coasters
For Six Degrees Of Separation book illustration you can check here