3D-Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering
This is just another project I did for fun. 
It is just a replica of the Logitech M305, so not my design but I gave them some materials of my choice. I call this small projects WP (Weekend Projects). They are simple yet challenging and also recognizable. I don't spend more than 3 days for this kind of objects. 

My goals are to choose a clean design that has some sort of harmonic form to it. Chose of materials are also fun to play around with to get an understanding of how it could of looked. Now I know I have not gone all the way with the materials and colors, I have kept some materials and colors stock.  

I'll put some word out, I am up to ideas and wishes you guys have out there, if you want to see this model in a different color or perhaps in other material just ask me I'll be more than happy to do so when I find time. Not only on this model but it could be other designs where I can play with material, color or even a redesign. 
Got inspiration from sailing boats for the materials.