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    Design a wayfinding for FIL
Wayfinding for FIL
Design a sign system for Feira International de Lisboa
After doing research on the place chosen and study the actual sign system we were asked to design a new coherent wayfinding that could be related to the brand's place. 
The concept for this project was the unique architecture and the purpose of the place. FIL receives each year around 60 different exhibitions along its 4 pavilions so the challenge here was to design something that could be permanent and at the same time flexible. 
The solution for this problem was achieved by using a fixed support that allow clients to substitute the sign information according to the theme's exhibition.
Maps from the 1st stage research to determine access to FIL and where the outside signs should be placed.
Human scale relation among all the sign system comparing each different kind of signing (global, directional and punctual).
Diagram showing the sign system placement.
Technique illustration explaning the sign system and examples of the global signing. 
Pictography used on the wayfinding.
Final book for the project presentation. Set of 3 books according to the theme: 
Research; New FIL's wayfinding; New wayfinding application (Fictitious exhibition)