"Music is the shorthand of emotion."

Music is at the centre of what it means to be human — it is present in all cultures and from day one of our lives. STEREOPHONES explores and refines the experience behind listening, discovering and enjoying sound.

Touch on headphones is a broken concept

Headphones are typically not in front of our eyes, so touch-based interfaces designed for handheld devices lack the tactility needed for ‘blind’ use.  The result? needing a manual to learn complicated tap combos and swiping gestures.

Instead, taking a familiar volume knob and adding depth through haptics creates a set of intuitive media controls. A tactile switch to toggle play/pause. Spring-loaded song skips. Subtle resistance at higher volumes to motivate safer listening.

Field Oriented Control
Built using the SimpleFOC library

Combining a brushless motor and position sensor with an FOC algorithm results in a high degree of torque control. This allows for software defined end-stops, snap points and virtual detents all working together to build a layered, tactile interface.

In 2023, headphones have shifted from purely functional objects into an outfit-making accessory and an extension of the wearers personal style. The CMF strategy for STEREOPHONES reflects this trend with the following 3 colourways that combine the rich design heritage of hi-fi audio with modern streetwear aesthetics.