P  O  W  E  R  P  O  I  N  T

When I first started out on my own as a freelance designer, one of my specialties revolved around the creation of corporate and academic slideshows. The challenge with these projects was trying to blend visuals with information and not have either aspect overwhelm and/or diminish the other (add in the ability to animate text and images with a myriad of transition effects and the problem multiplies ten-fold).

It did not take long for me to realize that employing the same aesthetic strategies used in annual reports was a fruitful approach towards knowing when (and where) text and pictures should make way for each other with optimum prevalence. This was a doubly-fortunate discovery as I soon found myself using the same principles when it came to creating websites in the burgeoning days of the Internet.

I haven’t performed this kind of work in many years, but when such an offer comes along, it is difficult not to feel a little sentimental, for it was in presenting the stories of others through this medium, I began to present my own.

NOTE: The images are grouped in threes for each client and represent (from first to last):

•  Title page
•  Section break page
•  Content page

To view before and after versions of these images complete with titles and descriptions, please visit FORCE TEN DESIGN.