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    Creation of communication tools as well as a set of gifts for a series of conferences leaded by Dow in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait
As part of a series of conferences leaded by Dow about their solutions based on Glutaraldehyde in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait : we took care of the whole communication tools of the operation as well as the creation of several gifts.
Glutaraldehyde is an effective and safe broad-spectrum biocide, which has for major asset to be environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, this product is currently being highly counterfeited in the industry, causing workers to be exposed to a human carcinogen : Formaldehyde.
The goal of this campaign was to educate major leaders of the industry about the dangers of these counterfeit products and explain the benefits of the 100 % Genuine Glutaraldehyde offered by Dow.
100 % Genuine
The concept we came up with was to stress out the genuineness of the product by translating the idea of clarity and transparence into the design.
Gift #1 - The Crystal Trophy
Gift #2 - The Keychain