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    This project is my final work for my Bachelor's Degree in AKTO.
This is my graduation project for the final year in the school of AKTO Art & Design. It is called "Artum Swan Editions: Corporate Identity and how to use it." Its main subject is the shaping of a graphic identity for an editor dedicated to publishing works of academic status, concerning issues like Political Economy, Politics, History and the Humanities.

The name that I came up with for the publishing house, Artum Swan Editions, comes from the traditions of the British Empire and it is a phrase that arrives from its imperial political tradition.

In this presentation I am going to show you a. the logo I deasigned for the project, the main covers of each series, Artum Swan's advertisements and its bookmarks.
Here we have the main covers. It was my intention from the very begining to design books of academic, mostly economical and political, subject and value. In case you know some of these publications, I challenge you to compare their original covers with the ones you see below.
This is what you'd see if you were to come in my Artum Swan Library.
Lets take a look on the advertisements that will be used to promote the company's vision.
And here you can see the bookmarks used to please and help the reader properly.
I am going to have to apologise for not presenting the whole work. It simply has too much material to fit in here. I will upload a separate presentation for the manual book I also designed, so perhaps I have the chance to show more stuff there.

I hope you enjoyed the presentation. Great projects are on the way :)